Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Inspiration can come to me in many surprising ways.  I love sitting near the windows in the coffee shops with a cup of coffee in my hand while observing the style of the streets and doing a little bit of people staring. 

So when I saw one of my good friends, wearing THIS gorgeous, bohemian style maxi dress with a pair of Channel espadrilles, I knew I had to have it! As you know, I'm a shoe addict and I always make shoe contact before  eye contact (I can't help it) but in this case, my eyes were drawn to the dress first. I wondered where did she get that piece from  and I secretly visualised pulling out my “emergency only” MasterCard (thank you Bank of Ireland) to buy it, assuming it must be as special as her shoes. Imagine my surprised face when she told me “It's Penney's darling!”. Yes! You've heard it right – Penney's, and for €18 only it was a steal!

A few days  later I made the purchase and this gorgeous dress is worth every penny! 

I'm addicted to Instagram, it is really hard not to be these days. I love seeing the street style photos and creativity of all the stylish people of Paris, New York and beyond. But today, I'm putting my phone down and taking the time to look around me, there is so much to see. I think a great style is  more about our own unique personality and achievable fashion (pieces that are within our reach  and budget) and less about “steal her style or look”. There's nothing wrong with being inspired by well known people but I think its important to remember not to copy someone else's style or ideas. We are better off choosing pieces that suit our own body type and personality. Style this dress, whatever you feel like, be it a day or evening look - just add heels and accessories.

So today I feel like myself in this bohemian style inspired maxi dress with 3/4 sleeves. I  paired it  with a pair of blue Converse for an urban chic look, just perfect to be strolling around the town and I'm pretty sure my MasterCard screams “Thank you”! I saw a great quote on Instagram - “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it” do you agree? 

Agnes x 

Photography by Matthew Reilly 


Tuesday, July 05, 2016


I believe that every day should be a good clothes day, there are so many reasons for dressing up every day. Wearing clothes that we l...
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