Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Can someone please invite me to a wedding? I'm all dressed up and I have nowhere to go, let me tell you why.

Shopping for a wedding outfit is not easy, have you ever went on a mission to the shops only to discover “there's nothing out there”? Yes, I hear you and I have been there many times when looking for a dress. My organisational skills are not my strongest quality, mostly everything I do is pretty much last minute. Once upon a time I was determined to get a nice dress for a special wedding and could not find one; I ended up wearing a black dress and a jacket that was a part of my uniform at that time.

You probably know by now that I love wearing vintage and I'm always on the look out for a new dress whether I have an occasion or not. I learned from my mistakes and am now always ready for any social invitation.

I like to visit my favourite Vintage Shop – The Vintage Factory in Waterford on a weekly basis to see what's new. The store owner April and the girls are super friendly and always ready to help. I got this blue ankle length dress with beaded top and 3/4 length chiffon skirt for €60!

After I find a dress I love, I head straight to my dear friend Bonzie in Willow and Wild on Baileys St. Bonzie has the most amazing selection of hats, headpieces & accessories and her master expertise makes my shopping so much easier. I have never left her studio empty handed. Ladies be sure to bring your outfit with you to make ensure the colour is matching . This blue vintage inspired headpiece was €55 and the glitzy clutch was €30. See more photos of Bonzie's studio in our Willow and Wild post.

Finally, shoes glorious shoes! Yes I'm a self confessed shoe addict and I'll buy them anywhere I can. I just can't stop! These particular lovely light grey ankle booties were spotted in a window of a second hand store for €5! How could I say no?

So here I am, all dressed up and ready to go, waiting patiently for a wedding invite.

And now to discuss the advantages of buying a vintage dress.

Buying vintage gives you so much more choice regarding the style, from 50's full skirt, 60's straight gowns with long sleeves, 70's Boho and 80's embroidered princess dresses all under one roof. Vintage dresses were made to last and to be handed down, so you will notice all the beautiful hand sewn details and handmade laces that you won't see in the modern gowns.

Each dress is unique and one of a kind. The big advantage of buying a vintage dress is to be the proud owner of a very special piece of history.

If you choose to shop for a genuine vintage dress keep in mind that each piece is unique and sold as seen so there isn't a possibility of ordering a dress in your size. However, vintage dresses can be altered and customized to ensure a perfect fit, length, and features you would like to add or remove. Always choose a skilled and experienced dressmaker for any alterations.

Do your research about the styles you like and suit you and have a chat with the sales assistants to give them ideas of what are you looking for to ensure the best possible service and shopping experience.

If you choose to purchase online it's important to know your measurements and always ask the seller about an estimated modern day size.

Be the best judge. It's always good to bring a member of a family or trusted friend for a shopping trip to get honest advice and a second opinion, but remember it's you that will be wearing it and you have to feel happy in the dress so be the best judge and listen to your "inner" voice while making the decision about choosing your own unique gown.

Check for imperfections and allow for wear and tear while choosing vintage. Vintage dresses were worn before and there might be a sign of light wear. These are not imperfections but part of their charm and history.

Be nice and smile and you're most likely to get a discount from the store owner if you're buying one or more pieces at the same time. Personally I don't like asking for discounts as I appreciate the effort that goes into sourcing and selling vintage, but hey, you never know and it's always great to get a bargain!

Don’t get disheartened if you don't see anything in a vintage shop on the day, instead ask the staff when the next delivery is and be sure to check their Facebook pages for notifications about new arrivals. If you see something you like on the day, don't wait- just buy it because once it’s gone …it’s gone. 

Agnes x 

Edited by Roland Thackaberry 

Photography by Matthew Reilly 



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