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It was that unique perfection than can only be found when two polar opposites, and indeed two worlds collide. The faded and almost dark elegance of the Edwardian building, with its original mouldings and wainscoting, high sombre ceilings, and cupolas, still holding out against the onslaught of time, and Natasha Everitt with her steam punk canary yellow hair, lean gamin limbs, and youthful hobnailed gait; each perfectly contrasting in an atmospheric and almost haunting high editorial shoot.
I took deliberate care choosing from my stock, as the almost cheerless, vacant rooms could easily have swallowed the young model and depleted the aesthetic that we were working toward.
The stark, sparse and sobering backdrops were indeed a challenge for Natasha, who nonetheless filled her boots to the brim with verve and delivered shot after shot. Natasha would take her composure from the architecture that surrounded her, and then in a flash; defy it. Her energy changing from waif to wanton, bringing the clothes to life in a way that I have seldom seen. She was a superb interpreter, but an even better innovator. Her flaming hair, courtesy of the very gifted Marina Hayes, thick dark brows and azure eyes, made her the high-fashion epicentre of each photograph.
Matthew Reilly has an incredible talent, he moves behind his camera the way Vidal Sasson manipulated and moved women’s hair over a decade, before finally delivering to a jaded fashion scene the lacquer free, geometric haircuts that changed fashion history. Matthew “leans into” every single shot with genuine ardour. He cultivates a creative relationship with the model that is exuberant, he is obsessive over details and has great technical brilliance, catching gorgeous “off guard moments” that perfectly reflect his surroundings. It’s a case of “watch this space” I think.
As I look at the collaborative efforts of our highly skilled team, and the sensational photos of vintage clad Natasha, I am reminded of another great quote
“The Human body is the best work of art” Jess. C. Scott.

A Full and feminine skirt, on this strapless vintage 50's dress that I styled with sturdy, rough ankle boots; melds youthful charm with a modern gungy twist. The exquisite multi- faceted, foil backed, demi-fin, rhinestone necklace lent old world elegance and class, sweeping the décolleté with sparkle and light.


Dainty vintage 70's reworked, ruched, off the shoulder, airy lace wedding dress, offset with an intricate and virginal pearl collar. Choice blue gloves enhance the almost blue white tones of the dress in this singularly vintage look, while the T-Bar Pearl Shoes (my own from Debenhams, find of the century!) carry the theme through to perfect completion.

Sumptuously elegant 80's wedding dress, with an intricately embellished bodice and layer after layer of elegant tulle flowing seamlessly into a dramatic and romantic, ornately trimmed train. This fabulous gown swept the staircases with the all grandeur and opulence of the Edwardian era.

Restyled flouncy American Prom dress, pretty in pink! That has been reworked to remove the full sleeves and bring the bow to the front, to create a more streamlined take on a vintage all American Classic. Black Polka dot tights and thick boots, give the ephemeral gown some heavy attitude, counterbalanced by a delicate multi-coloured necklace.

Incredibly sheer, red and white stripe, blue floral print maxi dress, with full butterfly sleeves. Heavy red buttons on the front panel, give this gorgeous “Breakfast Garment” substance.

80’s satin wins the gold, with this deep gold, lush, figure hugging, below the knee ensemble. With a sheer lace, semi-sweet heart top, and fitted sleeves that culminate in thick and lustrous French cuffs, reminiscent of the redingote; this dress is gloriously chic and sexy. I added a vintage pendant for a bit of “swing” and movement. 

Edited by Roland Thackaberry

Thanks to Conor Nolan (Waterford Arts), Ciara O’Connell, John O’Connell  and Jess O’Nell (Central Arts) 

Styling by Vintage Agnes 

Photography by Matthew Reilly 


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