Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Personally I like to strive for elegance, in whatever ensemble I am putting together. Elegance, unlike style trends, never goes out of fashion, and if you are a “Vintage Girl” then you already know the importance of setting yourself apart and developing your own timeless and characteristic “bon ton”

Elegance of course, will inevitably lead us back to beautiful millinery and its enchanting effect on the female form, and in this picture, on the grounds of Castlemartyr Resort, where I was attending a wedding, you can see the striking effect of a good hat and well-chosen ensemble. Which brings me to an important point, the essence of elegance is simplicity.

While my hat was a glorious construction of understated folds, waves and curves, it was in simple tones. It blended in as opposed to standing out. It garnered much attention on the day but it wasn’t “obvious”. It felt and looked light as a feather, and yet was so artfully constructed and had such substance that the moment I put it on it transformed me. As for the dress, this one is my all-time favourite. It does something quite miraculous to my figure, hugging me in all the right places, it’s like an old friend who just makes me feel good. The delicate chiffon neck is especially becoming, softening the sweep of décolleté and adding light to my face, and the lace is so feminine. 

My thanks to Threads on Parnell Street for the alterations, Boston Cleaners who took to task the delicate chiffon and lace, and to my hairdresser Eric O'Hickey, the Master of the vintage upstyles!
I suspect that elegance might also require a little magic, but in every girl there’s a transformational power, an intuitive ability to make her own beauty bloom, but nonetheless here I am here with my “wand” and I would love to hear from you!   


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