Monday, July 20, 2015

Vintage Photoshoot #2 The Wedding Veil

When Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in a couture gown and veil that has been 
cited as one of the best-remembered wedding dresses of all time, history as they say, was made. 
Symbolizing purity and innocence the veil blazed a trail of glory down through the decades, 
bestowing modesty, and a Princess like aura upon the wearer. 

Time has moved on of course, and while there’s nothing more romantic nor becoming than a veil, 

these days the ultra-feminine veil has taunted the rules a bit and indulged in a little embellishment, 
bringing a certain elegant sensuality and mystery to the modern Bride.

There are few types of veils, The Blusher, which covers the face, The Elbow length, that 

yes, reaches the elbow, The Fingertip which touches the fingertips and the Cathedral Veil which 
trails past the train (Brides tend to shy away from this, but don’t under estimate the magnificent 
power of a sweeping, ephemeral Cathedral veil, that perfectly falls and trails behind the wedding 
gown. While traditionally used in Royal Weddings, Grace of Monaco being the perfect example, the 
old rules no longer apply, because we make our own!  And it absolutely guarantees a grand 
entrance, adding immense beauty, drama, and timeless meaning to the ceremony)

If you are wearing a veil and your hair is down, then place the veil on the top most part of your head, 

if you have an up style the veil should be secured at the back of your head, a few inches below your 
crown, if your hair is in curls, then place the veil in the mid portion of your head. The correct and 
secure placing of your veil determines how it will fall, and ultimately how it will move, and it should 
move and flow effortlessly with you. 

I hope you enjoy these stunning photographs of veils I have personally hand picked, so please don’t 
deny yourself this gorgeous and essential accessory. You will be surprised what happens when you 
allow a veil to gently fall over your head. 9 times out of 10 I see my clients get teary eyed, as though 
this most delicate of whimsical coverings, reminds them that while they might have to play it tough 
to compete in a man’s world (and let’s face it girls, it is) they are still essentially and very much, a 
tender hearted and feminine woman. 

Model: Rebecca Cappuccini - Donnelly 
Location: Studio 29, Michael Street, Waterford City 
MUA: Danielle at The Lady Luck, Waterford City
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