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The advantages of buying a vintage wedding dress
buying vintage gives a bride so much more choice regarding the style, from 50's full skirt, 60's straight gowns with long sleeves, 70's boho and 80's embroidered princess dresses all under one roof. Vintage wedding dresses were made to last and to be handed down, so you will notice all the beautiful hand sewn details and handmade laces that you won't see in the modern gowns. 
Each dress is unique and one of a kind, you won't see another one anywhere else. The big advantage of buying a vintage wedding dress is an honor to be wearing a very special piece of history. 

If you choose to shop for a genuine vintage for your special day keep in mind that each piece is unique and sold as seen so there isn't a possibility of ordering a gown in your size. However, vintage dresses can be altered and customized to ensure a perfect fit, length and features you would like to add or remove. Always choose a skilled and experienced dressmaker for any adjustions.

Do your research about the styles you like and suit you and have a chat with the seller or sales assistant to give them ideas of what are you looking for  to ensure the best personal service and shopping experience. 

Check the sizes. Always check before making a bridal appointment about sizing range availability to avoid disappointment.

If you choose to purchase online it's important to know your measurements and always ask the seller about an estimated modern day size. 

Be the best judge. It's always good to bring a member of a family or trusted friend for a bridal appointment to get honest advice and second opinion, but remember it's your day and you have to feel happy and yourself in a wedding dress so be the best judge and listen to your "inner" voice while making the decision about choosing your own unique gown.

Check for imperfections and allow for wear and tear while choosing vintage. Vintage wedding dresses were worn once or twice before and there might be a sign of light wear. These are not imperfection but part of their charm and history.

All vintage wedding dresses are available from Vintage Trig. Browse to view our selection and contact us by emailing to make a bridal appointment. 

Bridal headpieces available from Willow and Wild by Bonzie. 15 Baileys New Street, Waterford City. 


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Girls, is there anything to compare to the excitement of getting ready for a wedding? Lace, sparkle, beading, knee length, floor length,...
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